Dog’s Love Is Unconditional!

dog and human.jpeg

The love story of Human and Dog. Dog loves Human, Human loves Dog. But Human sometimes becomes so selfish and Dog suffers. But despite this, Dog still loves Human. All Dog wants is the happiness of Human. Indeed, Dog’s love is unconditional.

Dog is a loving creature, created to be kind and loving. Dog is also protective and sensitive. When Dog met Human, they instantly made a “zing”. But one day, Human just changed. Human started to meet other human friends, began going out a lot and seldom comes home. Dog is very much dependent on Human. Sometimes Human leaves Dog alone without food or water. Dog had to wait all day by the window. When Human arrives, Dog is the happiest but Human doesn’t see it.


Why We Love Dogs More Than Humans


One day, Dog got really really sick and perished. It is only then that Human realized how much Dog means a lot. The morale of this story – Love your dogs back because they don’t ask anything in return but for you to love them back.

This is not a true story. However, reality says there are a lot of similar stories like this happening to the point of neglecting dogs on the streets or dumping them elsewhere. It is sad but true. Let’s be more human and love our dogs back by giving them their needs and showing them the right affection. They deserve it. 



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